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PictView is a DOS based image viewer.  It supports over 40 file formats.  Like many image viewers, PictView is completely free.  Registration is not required to download or use the software. 

According to the PictView web site, key features of PictView include:

  • Single EXE file having only 150 KB (plus 24 KB for the configuration program)
  • Support of multi-page TIFFs, OFX faxes, and DCX faxes
  • Support of animated GIFs, and of animations in FLI and FLC formats
  • Fast moving between images using Ctrl-left arrow and Ctrl-right arrow keys
  • Palette operations (e.g. color reduction, conversion to grayscales)
  • Automatic palette reduction for viewing of TrueColor (e.g. JPEGs) images on old video-cards supporting at most 256 colors
  • 3 types of resizing of large images to fit them (without scrolling) on screen
  • Resizing, mirroring, rotating
  • Command-line conversion and viewing
  • Dozens of options for conversion and viewing
  • Support of many non-standard subformats (e.g. 15, 16, 32, and 48bit images)
  • English, French, and Czech versions
  • Mouse driven

Go here for more information about PictView.


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